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Character Profiles

Here is the spot where you can get a low down on every character in A&M, even the Extras! After reading this page, you might find it a bit easier to understand what makes a character tick... and it just might help in finding and comprehending the humor of the A&M world...

Em- the Angst Faery (based on real person)

As the Angst Faery, Em is the inspirer of all sarcastic and cynical things. She is not so much negative, instead, she rather likes to point out the ironic truth that everyone else seems to ignore. In a way, she is the little voice of frustration we sometimes hear in our head when in a social dilemma. Though it may look as though she is the complete opposite from Jess, she is also the one to show just how similar the two really are. With the aid of Jess, she is out to face the social "real" world, not only to break the stereotypes out there, but also to find that there are some bonds you just can't break.

. Jess- the Medieval Wench (based on real person)

Between the two, Medieval is definitely the naive one. She can occasionally be a bit annoying, but it's never anything that Em can't handle. She's the sweet to Em's sour, the "half glass full" to Emily's "depends if you just drank or poured it." However, Jess has definitely earned her Medieval title by her wide spread knowledge and obviously visible preference of the medieval age. Nevertheless, don't let her fool you... Her spunk, gumption, and mood swings have also added to her "wenchish" ways; and at times, she can have a sharper tongue --and sharper eye-- than the Angst Faery!

. . . . .
Josh- the Mumbler (based on real person)

There is a great mystery to the mumbler: Why does he mumble? We fear that this question will never be answered, for not even Jess, Josh's girlfriend knows the answer to that. Josh is generally a pretty laid back guy... however, that's not to be confused with the immense intelligence that will show up in later episodes. Through the few episodes he has appeared, we come to see that the mumbler has quite an ego... and a big soft spot for Jess.

. Fuzzy Monkey- the Almighty (based on real binder)

The Almighty Fuzzy Monkey, though not often mentioned, unquestionably plays a big part in the Angst & Medieval world. He is the good luck charm, the mythological god, the icon of power, and just plain fuzzy. Yes, it's true that there are many fuzzy monkey stickers out there just like him, but make no mistake! This is the true, authentic Fuzzy Monkey!

. . . . .
Jerry- Everybody loves Jerry. (based on real person)

Jerry is the kind of guy that all the guys like to just "hang out with," and the "sensitive" guy that all girls seem to look for. He ranges anywhere from "easy going" to "dangerous with a dodgeball." Though we've only seen him twice and indirectly, it's not that hard to tell that this one's out and about just for the fun of it.

. Charles- Codenamed "Fuzzy Gopher" (based on real person)

Charles, codename "Fuzzy Gopher" is a character of many personalities as you'll come to see him in a number of upcoming episodes. You'll probably come to know him as "the Jack of All Trades," and that includes even some of the most humiliating of situations. But Charles has no trouble canceling out any type of embarrassment by his immense capacity for the sarcastic, the cynical, and the intelligent. He just might prove to be Em's male counterpart on the mental level....

. . . . .
Eckler- the Cursed? (based on real person)

Hmmm... Looks like Eckler might get himself into another situation. This poor guy has suffered a curse of the Swiss Miss, been hit with a dodgeball, and zapped to ashes by the Fuzzy Monkey. And that's just the 3 episodes he's been in! Eckler really is a big softie, with just a string of bad luck. But not to fear, when he apologizes to the Almighty Fuzzy Monkey, Eckler will have his moment in the sun...

. . . . .
Ace of Angst & Prince Medieval

As graduation nears, Em comes to agree that it probably would be a good idea to go along with Jess' idea in finding a replacement for the school. In the dramatic search for the perfect replicas, Em and Jess luck out in finding the perfect accomplices to question the world and the teenage society. Ace of Angst and Prince Medieval will not only serve as replacements, but they will encourage a new generation to carry on with the Angst & Medieval pride.

Extra! Extra! Read about the Extras!

Hmmm... I know whom this resembles, but I will not say. (It's not as though she'd ever visit this site to begin with, but hey). The only reason she was pulled into the group as a possibility was because she wasn't wearing pastels. In fact, that is the only reason a couple of them got in that single filed line... I am very proud of this extra because she is the first step I've taken to make sure that Angst & Medieval is a dynamic and racially accurate comic. . She's also my favorite extra because she has attitude. In the future, she will be receiving her own name and will be coming back for more... It is also because of her that I am encouraged to draw another ethnic person. Yes, I realize that she rather resembles Medieval, and whether that was intentional or not, I'm not sure. I think I just wanted to put in one of those people that wear nothing but fancy-smancy stuff all the time to school.
My boyfriend really bugged me about this extra... He wanted to know who it was that I was drawing it after... I just needed another extra for an episode, and he somewhat just came out. I have no clue as to who this person is, I swear! As you can tell the obvious technique difference between this extra and all the others, this was my first extra drawn in the "early days." I think she resembles a girl in my senior class, but I won't name names. Nevertheless, come the time when I begin to redo the old comics to have a consistent strip, she too --though just an extra-- will undergo the makeover. I don't know who this person is either. Actually, I don't know who a lot of these people are... I just draw. But if I had to give an answer, he rather reminds me of the "Fonz" on Happy Days...